Wednesday's Wool Gatherer

All the news that's fit to rant aboutA good Wednesday mornin' to ya. Tonya Harding is 33.

  1. Microsoft says future versions of Internet Explorer will include pop-up blocking. The next IE update is due with XP Service Pack 2 some time next year. How long will it take advertisers to find other, more annoying techniques?
  2. It's that time of the month. Microsoft has five patches, three of them critical in this month's Windows Update. Get yours today.
  3. The US Patent and Trademark Office is reconsidering Eolas's controversial patent on interactive web media citing "a substantial outcry from a widespread segment of the affected industry." In other words, Microsoft was really ticked off. The PTO has only reassessed an existing patent 151 times since 1981. The process may take as long as a year, and Eolas can continue to enforce it during that time.
  4. There are 19,000 people in Boone County, Indiana. Which leads one to wonder how 144,000 people could have voted in Tuesday's election. Turns out it was a bug in the vote counting software. Oops.

  5. Sony announced "the world's lightest thinnest notebook" today. Japan only, of course, but it sure is schweet.
  6. World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov was forced into a draw yesterday by computer program X3D in the first game of the four game man vs. machine chess championship.
  7. The FCC is telling landline phone companies they have to support number portability, too. That means you can transfer your landline number to your cell phone. Some restrictions apply. Should mean some good deals on cell phone access as providers try to woo landline users.