Wednesday's Ramblings

All the news that's fit to rant aboutToday's top tech stories:

  1. The numbers are in and the Athlon 64 is a clear winner according to PC World. The Athlon 64 trounced the Pentium 4 in nearly all tests except ripping in MusicMatch. It also beat the Apple G5 in all areas except Photoshop.

  2. The RIAA may have snagged another innocent victim. He says it's not my IP address, man and I don't even like Latin music. QED. The EFF is representing him.
  3. The Microprocessor Forum is on in San Jose. Transmeta unveiled its Efficeon, saying it has solved the transistor leakage problem. Nvidia announces the nForce 3 Go120 Media and Communications Processor designed for Efficeon notebooks. Sub-notebooks with the two should ship next year.
  4. Intel's Q3 earnings are up 142%, the best Q3 growth since 1996. Could it be the slump is over?
  5. Dell announces two new Axim PDAs adding Wi-Fi and a low-priced model.
  6. Mozilla 1.5 is final, and there are new versions of Thunderbird and Firebird, too.