We Like Sheep

I mowed again today. Many of you who saw my lawn tractor have asked, "weren't the goats supposed to eat the grass?" Yes, they were. But they ate everything but the grass. We got some sheep, too, and they ate the grass and were very docile. Until the goats gave them lessons. So we decided to start with a clean slate. A couple of months ago we gave the goats, Stella and Andy, to a goat dairy were they will be happily engaged in making overpriced cheese. One of the sheep, Sparks, had gotten bloat last Thanksgiving (note to self: never give a sheep seconds on stuffing) and had to be put down. We gave the other sheep, Jane, away to a winery where she'll be performing grass eating demonstrations daily for the tourists.

This spring we got two more sheep, untutored in the way of the goat. They are Dorsets and, as you can see from the picture, are very adorable. The boy is named Junior. The girl is Blossom. They eat grass. They don't eat anything else. I think these sheep have learned from the disappearance of the other animals. Unfortunately, they don't eat nearly enough grass to eliminate the need for grass cutting implements. Hence the lawn tractor, power mower, and weed whacker. I'd like to see the goats try to eat those.