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TWiT Central
Originally uploaded by Leo Laporte.

Someone asked me what my podcast setup looks like. It's pretty simple.

That's a Mackie Onyx 1620 mixer on the right. It's connected to the PC on the left via the optional Firewire I/O card. Skype is running on the PC.

I feed the PC my audio from my Heil Sound PR-40 mic via the mixer's firewire out, and record the Skype audio and my audio on a Marantz Solid State recorder (the PMD-660) on the far right. Then I edit the podcast with Audition 1.5 (I upgraded to 2.0 but it was terrible so I went back to 1.5) and post it.

I also do my KFI radio show from the same place. You can see part of the Zephyr XStream ISDN Codec I use to connect to the station on the far right.

I wanted to memorialize this because I've rented a second office across the way and I'm moving in there in a couple of weeks. I hope to have a little better setup over there. At least I'll have more room!

Pete and Scott from Apple are coming up to visit me Friday. I told them I didn't have the fanciest setup - they said "that's good. We want to see how little is required to podcast." I'd better dust before they come!

I was recording episode two of FLOSS Weekly when I snapped this shot. (Don't tell Chris!)