TV Day

It's TV Day today on The Screen Savers. The Chair of the FCC's Digital Television Task Force will explain the planned transition to digital TV. We'll tell you what digital TV has to offer, how to turn your computer into an HDTV receiver, and what to look for in your next TV. Wide Screen ScreensaverWe're looking for DTV related questions for tonight, so if there's something you want to know about digital television and HDTV call 888-989-7879 or fax 415 437-5869 by 6:30p Eastern.

As a side note, I've been playing with the Piano Avanti HE-3200 DLP projector to get ready for the show today. It casts an 80 inch screen on my bedroom wall which turns out to be the perfect way to watch The Sopranos. What I didn't realize is how well it would work with my Xbox.

The Xbox has settings to support HDTV, including 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions. I bought a component video interface to connect it to the Piano and BAM! Wow! Most Xbox games work in HD. Some of them don't look great (Sega's World Series 2K2 baseball game, for instance, gets a little jaggy) but others look spectacular. Spiderman and Munch's Oddysee are like watching movies. Xbox is surprisingly well prepared for the 21st century. Henry and I can't wait until Rayman 3 comes out March 25.