Tuesday's Tiggywinkle

All the news that's fit to rant aboutStand by for tech news... Eat your niblets, Clarence Birdseye was born on this day in 1886. Admiral Grace Hopper was born in 1906. Malkovich is 50. It's Worf's birthday, too. He'll be born in 2340.

Doug Englebart demonstrated the first mouse at SRI on this day in 1968.

  1. The House has passed the CAN-SPAM Act. President Bush is expected to sign it into law before the end of the year.
  2. Even ATMs are vulnerable to worms... if they're running Windows. According to SecurityFocus.com, ATMs from two banks were hit by the Nachi worm in August and we're just learning about it now. The question is, why the hell are they running Windows?
  3. Coca-Cola is launching its own music download service next year. Who's next? Midas Muffler?
  4. The new version of AdSubtract, a popular web ad blocking program, will block paid search results, as well.
  5. Steve Jobs tells Rolling Stone, "we don't believe it's possible to protect digital content" and there's "this amazingly efficient distribution system for stolen property, called the Internet -- and no one's gonna shut down the Internet." So how'd he talk the music industry into supporting the iTunes Music Store? "We don't see how you convince people to stop being thieves unless you can offer them a carrot -- not just a stick. And the carrot is: We're gonna offer you a better experience . . . and it's only gonna cost you a dollar a song." Interesting interview. The first he's done in a long time.
  6. That buck a song may be history soon. Consumers would like it to be lower, but music industry execs speaking at Monday's iHollywood Forum’s Music 2.0 conference said they couldn't afford to go lower, despite the fact that surveys show consumers would buy more at 79 cents a song.