Tuesday Titivation

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning!

  1. Philadelphia's 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the Copyright Office's Internet radio royalty rate. Unlike broadcast radio, Internet radio pays performer royalties as well as publishing royalties because, according to the music industry, Internet radio has no promotional benefit to the artists. The courts said Congress is silent on this point. The RIAA cheers. Internet radio is silent.

  2. Oak Park, Illinois parent group, STOP (Safe Technology for Oak Park), sues school district over Wi-Fi safety concerns. They're worried that long term exposure to 802.11 signals might be causing damage that could result in memory loss or other neurological harm. They better hope their kids stay out of Starbucks.
  3. Yahoo Mail beefs up its anti-spam protection, offering dummy addresses for use on web sites, and an improved spam guard for paid users.
  4. Regulators are concerned that XP's "Shop for music online" link in the My Music folder may violate the terms of Microsoft's anti-trust settlement.

  5. Sanyo has created biodegradable CDs made of corn. They'll be available in December. As opposed to the heavy metal CDs made by KoRn. Those are available today.
  6. Slashdot points to a fun article on how not to install computer components.
  7. Ottowan one-man-band, Brad Sucks, is offering a compilation disc of songs inspired by spam. The songs, by various indy bands, include such moving titles as "Urgent Business Confidential," "My Parents Are Gone For The Weekend," and "Your Medication." No salesmen will call.