Tuesday Tingling Tibia

Grammer God!Your afternoon tech news, sir or madam. (And getting later every day). Spirit has concluded its 90th day on Mars - mission accomplished.

I am a grammar God!

  1. Apple's web site has lost its customers' respect. The Customer Respect Group's Spring 2004 survey scored Apple's site highly for Simplicity and Transparency but the company received sub-par marks in Responsiveness, Attitude, and Principles. Hewlett-Packard and Science Applications International Corp. were #1 on the list followed by IBM, Xerox, Microsoft, Dell, and Sun. Apple beat out Silicon Graphics and Gateway, though. I'll tell you what the problem is. Apple finally stopped selling Hypercard. Of course it hadn't updated the program in over six years.

  2. There was an unprecedented number of virus alerts in the first quarter of this year. According to Trend Micro, the 232 alerts it issued between January and March was an increase of 600% over this time last year.
  3. The phone companies are preparing to increase DSL charges by assessing "regulatory fees" starting next month. The fees, typically 10% of the DSL charge, will pay for Universal Lifeline Service and other government requirements. Watch your bill.
  4. We're number one! The San Francisco Bay Area has edged out Portland as the most wireless wired city in the US. The Intel survey counts the number of wireless access points and the number of wireless users. Dallas-Fort Worth has the best airport wireless access.