Tuesday in Toronto

Your morning tech news sir...The news is different in Canada. On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong took one small step for (a) man, one giant step for mankind.

  1. The new iPods are here! The new iPods are here! They're $100 cheaper, feature an iPod-like mini user interface, 12-hour battery life, and a new front page shuffle command. But where are the 60GB editions?

  2. Google should reveal the opening price in its Initial Public Offering (IPO) this week. The stock will be sold in an unusual dutch auction format which will give all investors a shot at owning the hottest new issue since Netscape.
  3. British Telecom is blocking child porn. BT claims their filter is stopping 23,000 clicks a day in the UK. (!)
  4. Free music downloads via Napster are back in some colleges. Only this time they're legal. In an effort to fight illegal downloads, and to keep from being sued by the RIAA, George Washington University and others are licensing Napster for the entire student body. But Duke tops them all. The entire incoming freshman class will receive iPods. What's next, free toasters for signing up for freshman English? Maybe they'll use the iPods to keep track of free wireless hotspots.
  5. The Chicago Tribune, which hasn't missed an issue since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, crashed yesterday. A software glitch left 40% of subscribers newspaperless. The rest got truncated editions with weird page numbering and washed out colors. The publisher says it will cost "under $1 million" to fix the problem.
  6. According to the LA Times, students are turning away from computer science classes just when the Labor Department says job opportunities are exploding. Student enrollment is down 41% at UC Berkeley, for instance, while the Labor Department predicts a 46% increase in jobs over the next eight years.