The Wednesday Wikki

Challenger patchToday's technology news. The space shuttle Challenger exploded on this day in 1986 killing all seven astronauts aboard.

  1. The collateral damage from MyDoom continues to reverberate through email systems. As much as 10% of all email is MyDoom related - either the virus itself or bounce mails from corporate and ISP virus filters. One of the targets of MyDoom, SCO, is offering a $250,000 bounty for the virus's author.
  2. The US Government is responding by creating an early warning system for cyberattacks. The Department of Homeland Security will announce a color coded alert system that should make us all feel much better about being flooded by virus related email.
  3. Word 2003 users should download a patch that fixes more than 400 bugs. Office now has an update feature that works just like Windows Update - probably worth bookmarking that and checking it regularly.
  4. Amazon has shown a nice profit for the year just ending, $35.3 million on revenue of $5.26 billion. This is the online retailers first full year profit ever.
  5. Me too, me too! Microsoft has released a beta of the MSN Toolbar to compete with Google and Yahoo! offerings. Only one problem: it uses MSN for its search engine. Pew.