The New Math Fails Us Again

I called Ken yesterday to ask how many episodes of The Screen Savers we had done. Since our five year anniversary is coming up May 28th, I thought we might be close to our 1000th episode. Here's his response:


You called from your cell phone earlier today and asked how many episodes we've had because you thought we were getting close to 1,000.

Well, we missed an opportunity.

According to my records, here's how many Screen Savers we've done...

1998 - 147
1999 - 220
2000 - 208
2001 - 200
2002 - 229
2003 - 43 so far

That would be 1,047 total as of today.

We reached our 1,000 episode on December 17, 2002.. a show co-hosted by Pat and Wil Wheaton.

We should do something... let's chat.


So we went out and got drunk. Maybe on our 2000th.