The Mob Returns

Jade Charles at TextAmerica has responded to my concerns about comment validation on the Mob. Overnight (!) he installed a system to require that commenters be registered TextAmerica users. That's not all. He's working on a way for me to require Leoville registration before commenting. That solves all my concerns about unruly comments. In fact, it makes TextAmerica better than TypePad for comment validation. (I'm sorry to have to require registration of any kind, but I'm sure you understand why.)

He has also turned on full-size images. So I'm turning off the Telephotos mobile phone blog on TypePad and returning to TA, with comments turned on.

Frankly I was getting worried about the throughput requirements of the photo blog on TypePad. I'm already 319% over my limit for the month. Ben and Mena haven't set up pricing for excess bandwidth, but I hate to think what that would cost. For some reason TextAmerica doesn't seem to mind how much bandwidth I consume. They must be getting a good deal from Rackspace!

So thank you, Jade, Chris, Tina, and Janet. TextAmerica rocks!