The Hacker and The Geek

It was fun being back on the radio. It's a much simpler (and easier) medium. You just show up and talk. I've been thinking for some time of doing a radio show on the weekends again, and I had just sent a tape to Premiere Radio Networks, the biggest radio syndicator in the US. I had heard through the grapevine that they were considering a tech radio show. Turns out Kevin Mitnick had been talking with them, too. He used to do a show on KFI in LA. We decided to join forces and make a tape for the syndicator and in a nice synchronicity of events, Bob O'Donnell called to ask if I would fill in for him on Saturday. He replaced me on KSFO when I left in 1996.

Once we settled in, I think it went pretty well. We'll see what the syndicator thinks.

Meanwhile, here are the links from radio show:

Some of the security books we recommended:

White Hat Security Arsenal, Avi Rubin

Firewalls and Internet Security, Steve Bellovin

Practical UNIX and Internet Security, Simson Garfinkle

Dr. ROM's Review:

Product: Soundbug

Manufacturer: Olympia

Version: 1.0

More Information:

Price: $50

Web Wanderer sites

Free For All Picks: