The End of An Era

It's impossible to find words. I was at the gym for a cycle class when I heard about the World Trade Center at about 6:45a. I came right home. We don't have TV so we all gathered around the radio listening to the news. I told the kids that they would remember this day always. I've been anchoring all afternoon on TechLive. I'll be back during regular Screen Savers hours doing news, but I hope to take calls about the day's events, too. Obviously we won't do tech. As of right now, we'll go to regular programming after the newscast at 9p Eastern. We're planning a regular Screen Savers episode tomorrow.

I expect that my trip to Fairfax and Charleston, WVA will be cancelled. But we'll reschedule as quickly as possible. I should know for sure by tomorrow.

So far, everyone at TechTV and our friends and family have escaped unscathed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this unthinkable tragedy. Peace.