TechLive Rehearsals: Day Two

Another day rehearsing. I'd have posted from the set but someone had unplugged my Airport so I couldn't get net access. Louderback says our Screen Savers airport conflicts with the one he is setting up for TechLive, so he disconnected ours. Question for Windows based 802.11b users: can't you choose between basestations within range? You can on the Mac - it's very easy. The Airport utility shows the available WiFi networks and asks you which you want to join. I haven't tried it on a PC, but Jim claims there's no such feature. Is that true? But I digress, back to the rehearsals. I tried a different look today: tomato colored silk shirt (which was too red for the Call for Help set) with a black cashmere blazer and black slacks. Greg didn't like the jacket: too formal. He likes the suspenders, tho. I'll try something a little simpler tomorrow.

We did one hour straight through: Alex Wellen was my rotato co-host and did an excellent job. Pam Kreuger had financial news, Stacee Barcelata did a web site, and Becky Worley had a help tip. I also answered a netcam call. It was very fun and went surprisingly well. No major gaffes. I'm starting to have a good time here.