TechLive day 3

We're still rehearsing... and it's looking like buttah. Very smooth. Very yellow. Well, very smooth anyway. Eric and I did a half-hour then Michaela and I did an hour. Some people are very tense - and I guess I understand why - but I'm having a ball. It does require pretty intense concentration since everything's changing by the minute. At one point the producer was screaming in my ear, "go to the White House. No stay here. Get ready to throw to a break. No wait a minute..." etc. etc. etc. I have a short attention span. I need the stimulation to stay interested. Right now we're rehearsing the Call For Help hour (2-3p Pacific). I'm going to be doing a daily mac tip at 2:30 every day. I'm sitting in the "lab" waiting for my cue.

I feel ready to do this for real. Let's light this candle!

After this I'm going over to the Screen Savers set to work a little with one of our newest people. Jessica Corbin is an Associate Producer but we want to start using her on the air so we're going to play around a little today to see how she does. I think she's a natural talent myself. Good enough to be the next Kate. Keep your eyes peeled for her, this kid's going places.