Tax Day Tirade

All the news that's fit to rant aboutIt's Tax Day. I got far enough along on my return to know I won't owe anything so I'm mailing in the extension to take the pressure off. I'll finish in the next couple of days anyway. Good to have some extra time to fantasize about how to spend the refund before I apply it to groceries.

The RMS Titanic went down on this day in 1912 taking 1500 souls to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The first McDonalds opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, on this day in 1955. Happy birthday Leonardo DaVinci.

  1. Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, received recognition today by winning the first Finland Millennium Technology Prize worth $1.2 million Finnish Innovation Award.

  2. Amazon's in the search engine business. It's new A9 site went online today. It's very similar to Google (but with a peach colored background instead of white) and it ought to be - since the web search is Google powered - but there are some nice additions like search history and search book results. There's a Google-style A9 toolbar, too. It works best if you already have an account, but who doesn't?
  3. Hallelujah! The FTC has announced it's going to probe spyware. There will be a hearing in DC on Monday. This may be the first step is regulating the out of control spyware plague. The FTC has also adopted new rules regulating sexually explicit spam. Such email must contain the words SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: in the subject line. I know that would get my attention.
  4. According to the New York Times, Real Networks is seeking to ally with Apple in an "anti-microsoft front." Ick. Apple already has Quicktime and AAC, can't see what Real brings to the table. According the the leaked email from Real CEO Rob Glaser, if Steve Jobs isn't interested Real could pursue some "very interesting opportunities" with Microsoft. Rob musn't know Steve very well.
  5. Meanwhile Apple's earnings reports are out. Last quarter's earning were three times higher than the year before, with revenues up 29%. The company shipped more iPods than computers for the first time ever.
  6. For copyright reasons, Lindows will be re-dubbed Linspire in Europe. How Linsipid.

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