Summer Mixer

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy with the move and finishing the book - only a week late. The Screen Savers will be dark today so we can go to the TechTV summer mixer. This year they're giving us all drink tickets. Probably to reduce consumption. Unless they give us 10 each. Too bad I didn't bring my digital camera to work today.

I had so much fun doing my old radio show on KGO on Sunday that I'm thinking about doing a weekly radio show again. I could do it from my house using an ISDN line and a Telos Zephyr. It's about $7 grand to set up, but it would be a lot of fun. I'll keep you posted if I can find an interested radio station.

This weekend the spycam will be on as I write the final words of the book. Watch me sweat. I'm taking Saturday night off, though. Two of our best friends are having birthday parties. The first is a fancy dinner in the wine country. The second is a surprise party, Moulin Rouge style. Everyone is supposed to dress "French sleazy." And me with my bustier at the cleaners. Rats. Guess which friend is celebrating 50 and which 39.

Have a great weekend!