Stop The Presses

The Tech  Guy on KFII just got a phone call from KFI in Los Angeles. They want me to take over the Jeff Levy show starting... this weekend! Jeff is moving to another station - I think he's even going to be on at the same time. He's been at KFI for eight years and created one of the premiere tech talk shows in the nation. Mighty big shoes to fill - but I'm very excited for the opportunity. The shows are Saturday and Sunday from 1-3p on 640 AM in Los Angeles, but the station has an excellent Internet stream at their web site. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, too! I'll go down to LA to do them once a month, but most of the time I'll be broadcasting from here at Casa Laporta. That's the only way I could convince Jennifer that this would be a good thing!

This doesn't affect my job at TechTV. They're thrilled at the promotional opportunity it offers in the Southland. It does mean seven day weeks - but I've never thought of this stuff as work. I really enjoy doing it.

I have to run now - I'm flying to LA tonight to seal the deal and meet with sponsors tomorrow. I'll be on the Bill Handel Show on KFI tomorrow at 8am to make the announcement.

UPDATE: KFI has just added another hour. Make that noon to 3p. I've also arranged to do the show live from the show floor during CES, noon-3p, Saturday, January 10 and Sunday, January 11.