So Long and Thanks For All The Fish...

I hate long good-byes. I loathe long on-air goodbyes. So don't expect me to say much tonight on The Screen Savers. But since the news is out on Slash-Dot and the TechTV message boards, I guess I'd better say something here. Yes, tonight will be my last night hosting The Screen Savers, a show we started nearly six years ago on a far away planet called ZDTV. I'm going to continue to do a daily taped segment, and I'll come back for specials, but I'll only be the cabin boy. Patrick and Kevin will captain the ship starting on Monday.

The story of how this came about is long and boring, but suffice to say it was my decision. With the uncertainty caused by the channel's sale I decided it would be prudent to diversify. I was lucky enough to find a great weekend job at KFI in Los Angeles, but as a result I've been working seven days a week. TechTV very graciously has allowed me to cut back so that I can work at both places without sacrificing my health or sanity.

I will continue to host Call for Help every day, and it will air at a new time, 6p Eastern, right next to The Screen Savers. I hope you'll stop by on your way to The Big Show®.

Hosting The Screen Savers is without a doubt the best job I have ever had, or likely ever will have. Thanks to Kate, Patrick, Martin, Megan, Morgan, Sarah, Jessica, Kevin, Yoshi, Dan, Joshua, and all the behind the scenes people who made the magic happen every night. I'd say I'll miss you but I'll be right next door.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have supported me and the channel throughout these amazing years. Whatever happens, at bottom all of us at TechTV do what we do for you. And your enthusiastic involvement in the channel has made this the best six years of my life. In the words of Patrick Norton, geek on, guys. I'll keep making shows as long as you keep watching them.