Shoe In

Have I ever told you about my shoes? It's a long story. We used to store all our wardrobe at the studios on a little mezzanine built in 1996 -- when Ziff-Davis first produced "The Site" for MSNBC. The mezzanine started as the executive suite, although it could accomodate no more than 40 (svelte) execs. More than that and it would tumble to the ground, crushing the poor producers beneath.

When we rennovated the studio for ZDTV we gutted the executive offices and turned the mezzanine into an uneasy cross between storage space and dressing rooms. I had about 20 feet of wacky shirts stored up there and two well broken in pairs of Doc Martens, one brown and one black.

TechTV Dressing Rooms circa 2001

The TechTV "Dressing Rooms"

Those are my shirts on the right. Late last year the powers that be, hereinafter referred to as TPTB, decided to completely take over the space for storage. They told all us to take our clothes home. Now I don't know about you, but I don't have 20 feet of closet space just waiting to be filled. After a little fussing TBTB agreed to give me some space at our offices in the Townsend building (a 10 minute ride away from the studios).

When moving day arrived I grabbed a few shirts and a pair of shoes so that I'd have something to wear, then everything else was boxed up and carried over to Townsend. Unfortunately, the "pair" of shoes I grabbed were both right feet, one brown one black. But I didn't notice this because I went to do Regis and then on vacation. The remaining shoes, both left feet, were accidentally left behind on the mezzanine. By the time I got back they had been donated to Goodwill. I just hope that the poor colorblind sap with two left feet who purchased my old shoes enjoys them as much as I did.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck without any footwear. Which explains why I've been wearing sneakers for the past two weeks. Well I've finally found their replacements today. Introducing my new TSS shoes!

Flame Shoes

The angels want to wear my flame shoes

What you're looking at there is a pair of Tredair TBR1135, Black/Sunburst R/O Tie shoes. Size 9. They're on fire. I also got a pair of black wingtip Gripfasts but they're not as photogenic. They're really big though. They kind of look like black wingtip clown shoes. Finally, shoes that reflect my inner geek. I'll wear them on Monday.