Rank Vanity

Obviously my unwholesome obsession with my book's ranking at Amazon.com isn't unusual. In fact, there's an entire web site devoted to authors' unwholesome obsessions with their Amazon ranking. Amazonscan.com tracks your book, video tape, or tchotchke over time. And even ranks the top gainers and losers each day. Like a stock ticker. My personal page shows the hour by hour ranking of my book since it shipped on December 5. But that's just not enough. I need a chart.


I'm guessing the high peaks after Christmas and 1/12 occurred when Amazon ran out of stock. But I love how it's hovered below 40 ever since. Hey. I'm not getting any money for this book. I've got to get my jollies somehow.

And, no, I haven't written a Perl program to update the graph yet. It only reflects results through 2/4. Although...