Quicktime VR of The Screen Savers studio

Here's a Quicktime VR picture of the Screen Savers set from my point of view at home base. (You need Quicktime to view this. If I've coded this properly, Quicktime should load automatically, even if you haven't installed it yet. The movie itself is about 1.4 megs so it may take some time to download it. Click on the picture and drag your mouse to move around in it. You can look up and down, too.)

Thanks to Alex Lindsay of dvGarage for taking the picture. You can read all about it on The Screen Savers web page.

(NOTE 7 Oct 2007: I'm trying to figure out when this is. This is the second Screen Savers set - Patrick Norton is already co-hosting, you can see his skateboard behind home base. We're already moved to Studio B - making room for Tech Live I guess - but lots of pieces are still missing, including the LAN party set, the spiral staircase, and the audience risers. The "babe corral" isn't finished yet either. The control room is visible behind it. You can also still see the old Money Machine set behind the cameras. This must have been very early on with the new set.)