Playtime is Over

Several people at my speech Monday at the Golden Gate Computer Society have asked me to post my slides. I don't usually do Powerpoint - especially when giving a speech slamming Microsoft - but I didn't have a copy of Keynote for my Mac yet, and I really needed the crib notes. Click the thumbnail for the PPT file.

GGCS Powerpoint Presentation

And for the Powerpoint impaired, here's the text...

1. Technology without a mission is just a toy…play time is over.

2. Government and private industry want your computer to obey them, not you.

3. Private Industry Initiatives:

  • Trusted Computing Platform Alliance(Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft)

  • Palladium aka Next Generation Secure Computing Base

4. (The next five slides are from Lucky Green’s Defcon presentation on TCPA, August 3, 2002 , http://c y p h e r p u n k s . t o)

5. TCPA Membership Profile

  • CPU: Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Motorola
  • BIOS/Chips: Phoenix/Award, American Megatrends (AMI), National Semiconductor
  • Security: VeriSign, Wave Systems, RSA Security, Check Point, Certicom, Trend Micro, Symantec, Tripwire, Crypto AG [NSA]
  • Applications: Microsoft, Adobe (and 170 other ISVs)
  • Systems: HP, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Fujitsu, Samsung, Toshiba

6. Quiz: How will the Law Help TCPA Stifle Competition?

  • Application vendors intend to wrap their file formats with DRM.

7. Consequences of Ubiquitous Digital Rights Management

  • Makes it illegal to create interoperable software in the U.S.
  • Subjects authors of interoperable software to penalties of up to $500,000 and 5 years in prison (and double that for subsequent offenses).

  • The law is already on the books: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

8. Software Authors’ Choices

  • Do not create interoperable software.

  • Spend 5 years in prison.

9. Use of TPM’s is Voluntary

  • “One thing I can guarantee is that [Palladium] will be 'off' by default, an opt-in technology.” -- Stuart Okin, Security Officer, Microsoft, United Kingdom

  • Using gasoline in a car is an opt-in technology

10. Palladium definitions from Free Software, Free Society by Richard Stallman

  • “Security” does not mean protecting your machine from things you do not want, it means protecting your copies of data on your machine from access by you in ways others do not want.

  • “Attack” doesn't mean someone trying to hurt you, it means you trying to copy music.
  • “Malicious code” means code installed by you to do what someone else doesn't want your machine to do.
  • “Spoofing” doesn't mean someone fooling you, it means you fooling Palladium.

11. Government Initiatives:

  • DMCA

  • HR 5211 The Berman Bill
  • S 4058 The CBDTPA
  • DARPA’s Total Information Awareness

12. Happy Birthday

  • Written in 1893

  • Copyright renewed in 1934
  • Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act of 1998 protects it until 2030
  • AOL-Time Warner earns $2 million a yea
  • “The public must defend the public domain.” - Larry Lessig

13. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

  • Universal garage door openers

  • Unauthorized toner cartridges (Lexmark)
  • ReplayPlanet and AVS Forum have removed sections on extracting video
  • Apple vs OWC
  • HP threatens security org for revealing flaw in Tru64
  • Illegal to fast forward through commercials in DVD
  • Equivalent of banning Xerox machines and VCRs
  • There is no VCR for streaming media

14. HR 5211 - The Berman Bill “Amends Federal copyright law to protect a copyright owner from liability in any criminal or civil action for impairing, with appropriate technology, the unauthorized distribution, display, performance, or reproduction of his or her copyrighted work on a publicly accessible peer-to-peer file trading network, if such impairment does not, without authorization, alter, delete, or otherwise impair the integrity of any computer file or data residing on the computer of a file trader.”

15. Records show [Howard L.] Berman received at least $186,891 from the entertainment industry during the 2001-02 election cycle…Including $31,000 from the Walt Disney Co. and $28,050 from AOL-Time Warner Inc. (AP)

16 . The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act(or the Consume But Don’t Try Programming Act) sponsored by Fritz Hollings

SEC. 5. PROHIBITION ON SHIPMENT IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE OF NONCONFORMING DIGITAL MEDIA DEVICES. (a) IN GENERAL- A manufacturer, importer, or seller of digital media devices may not--(1) sell, or offer for sale, in interstate commerce, or (2) cause to be transported in, or in a manner affecting, interstate commerce,a digital media device unless the device includes and utilizes standard security technologies that adhere to the security system standards adopted under section 3.

17. Act Now