Playing Hookey

I'm supposed to be at the gym right now but I'm playing hookey. I'm soooo tired. I know I would probably feel better if I worked out, but I just can't force myself to. I'll do it tomorrow. This new schedule is going to take some getting used to. TechLive is much more work than I thought it would be. I have to ad-lib so much that I actually need to know what I'm talking about. That means I now have to be an expert on finance and tech news, too! Well I've always enjoyed a challenge. Plus 90 minutes of the Screen Savers ends up being about twice as hard. Maybe that's because we're packing so much stuff into the new show. I watched the repeat last night and I did enjoy all the different segments and the fast pacing. But please shoot me if I ever wear that sweater again! I looked like an inflatable Pat Boone.

Here's the weird thing: I'm working without a contract right now. My deal expired on Monday and even though Greg and I supposedly agreed on the main points of a new contract a month ago (see the Archives), I haven't seen a single piece of paper yet. I wonder if they wanted to see how TechLive and the new Screen Savers worked out before committing to me? Of course, that cuts both ways. I can take a new job, too. Anybody got a gig for an overfed gray-haired goofy techno-geek?