Peace is Over

We've been thinking hard about what to do about the war on The Screen Savers. Here's what I'm planning to say on the show tonight:

In one hour, President Bush's ultimatum to Saddam Hussein will expire and the US will very likely be going to war. As some of you know I have been active in the peace movement, but for now the debate is over. The die is cast.

USA FlagI think it's time for all of us to focus our energies on supporting the men and women in harm's way. So many of our extended Screen Savers family members are on active duty right now. Many more of you have family and friends in the service. Our thoughts and prayers are with them right now. We all hope for a short war with few casualties.

Patrick and I have talked about what we should do on the show tonight and for the duration of the war. We've decided to continue on as usual. There are plenty of places you can get the news of the war. There's only one place you can get the kind of information we offer. So we'll go on doing what we do best, but always with the awareness that so many of those near and dear to us are risking the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation.