Party All the Time

Long time no post. Sorry! Lots of stuff is going on. I'll be rehearsing TechLive next week. Call for Help and The Screen Savers are both dark while we work on the new shows. We have a couple of things to rehearse for Screen Savers, too. I'm going to do a new newbie segment called Leo's Boot Camp.

We're all going to a pool hall for lunch on Monday for some "team building." There are so many new people and we've all been so tense with the new format that we need some time to just have fun.

Actual anchor rear ends polished the chairs on the TechLive set for the first time yesterday. I missed it because I was in the Screen Savers daily meeting, but I showed up toward the end. The set looks great even though everybody looks like they're in the witness protection program. The lighting won't be done until today. Afterwards I treated Erica Hill, Steve Abrams, Liam Mayclem, and Michaela Perreira (all TechLive anchors) and Christie, our make up artist, to lunch at Circadia (a stealth Starbucks around the corner). Monday we begin rehearsing in real time. That means today is my last regular Friday off. -sniff-

Yesterday was Abby's 9th birthday. I was only there for breakfast so I gave her her presents then: the two new Harry Potter books and a Harry Potter desk calendar. I gave Henry a guide to knots so he wouldn't feel left out. I tried tying them with him today - too tough! Should have paid more attention in Cub Scouts.

Abby has designed her own birthday party right down to the cake. We made it last weekend: three thin layers of Rice Krispie Treats with layers of cookie dough ice cream sandwiched in between. It's in the freezer. We'll assemble it tommorow, cover it with melted chocolate sauce, and serve it to seven sugar crazed girls.

She's doing a fantasy party. We're decorating the house as a fantasy forest, and each girl will be enchanted when they come in. They have to figure out each other's enchantments. I think there's a Pictionary interlude, a Pinata moment, and some craft project or other, too. Birthday parties are such productions these days. I don't remember such a fuss when I was a kid.

Speaking of parties, they've announced that the TechTV third anniversary party will be on the 27th. These are usually pretty wild dos. Too bad I'll be on a plane to Charleston, WV at the time.