Oven Source

So I just spent the day shopping for a stove. We're remodelling the kitchen in the new house. It's vintage 1977 and really needs to be updated. Not that I have anything against avocado and almond, mind you. Only one appliance needs to be replaced, and instead of buying a new stove, we decided to get a refurbished antique. Apparently stoves are the only appliances that aren't better in the 21st century. They really knew how to make them in the good old days. So off we went to Johnny's Appliances and Classic Ranges in Sonoma, California. And this is the stove we picked out...

Ain't it a beaut?

It's a vintage O'Keefe and Merritt. Johnny says they run rings around the new Viking or Wolf ranges. All the chrome and porcelain has been redone, the gas works reconditioned, the thermostat replaced. It's really a work of art. The picture doesn't do it justice. I have to say, I've gained a new appreciation of the art of stove manufacture!

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes, I guess.