On the Lam

Our new lambs are arriving today. I'll put up the Lamb Cam so you can see them. (Please keep your eyes peeled for predators, too. They're very small and we're worried about dogs and coyotes going after them.) The lambs are still on the bottle. They're bummers - lambs that were rejected by their mothers. These are Suffolks and are quite cute I'm told. After a brief hiatus, it's back on the road for me. Next week I'm going to Arizona for the Scottsdale Arts Festival. I'll be talking and signing books (if they can get any - they're in short supply) on Sunday.

I'm returning to Scottsdale on April 29 to give the keynote at the ITactics 2002 conference. If you're a computer training or help desk professional I hope you'll attend.

And Patrick and I have scheduled a personal appearance in St. Louis on May 18. We'll probably be at the same CompUSA we went to last year. That was the best attended event we've ever done, with nearly 2000 fans, so I look forward to some fun this time. And Steak 'n' Shake, too.