Official hours

I finally have my official hours for TechLive. I'm going to be anchoring from 11:30a-1p Pacific M-F. Erica will be my co-anchor from 11:30-Noon (yay!) and I'm going to be with what Greg calls the "rotato" hosts in the Noon-1 slot. Mon-Liam, Tue-Jennifer, Wed-Sumi, Thu-Alex, Fri-Adam. I guess we'll begin rehearsals on Thursday or Friday. I wish I weren't starting quite so early. I try to go to an exercise class each morning at 9a for an hour. That leaves me just enough time to get to work by 11:15a. But that's too late to go on at 11:30. Well now I have a good excuse to get fat and lazy. Seriously, it either means I only go to the first half-hour of class, or I'll have to go to a 6am class. Ugh.