No Comments

I've turned off comments on the Mob because they were just getting too out of hand. It's a shame, because I think comments add a lot to any blog, but in this case I was taking pictures of people I work with, audience members, friends, and family, and then they were getting skewered online. It's one thing when I get slimed - I can take it and it's part of being in the public eye . It's another thing entirely for them to take flak just because they're in my life.

I wish I could connect the ability to comment here and on the Mob to the registration database for Leoville Town Square. That would certainly solve the problem, but at the moment they're completely unrelated systems on different servers.

I am considering moving the Mob off TextAmerica entirely and creating a second, photo only blog here on Typepad (click the Telephotos link to the left to see the current work in progress). I'd be able to restore comments (since the TextAmerica crowd probably wouldn't find the new blog) but you'd lose some TA features like scrapbooking. Any thoughts on that?