Next Time The Train

Trains planes and automobiles this trip. Some of them slightly scary. Rockefeller Center ice rink and unlit Christmas TreeI was in New York City earlier this week to tape Live with Regis and Kelly. I arrived Monday, the day before they lit up the tree at Rockefeller Center. New York is beautiful around this time of year.

My segments on Live went quite well. They will air Monday, December 6, at around 9:40a. There's a list of the products I showed on my wiki.

As part of the presentation I shot some quick pictures and played them back on the iPod Photo. I should mention that these weren't taken with my beloved Nikon D70. Lumix FX7After lugging that everywhere on the cruise I decided that I needed something smaller for carrying around all the time. Ian and Ravonne, two of the MacManiacs, showed me their Panasonic Lumix FX7K and I fell in love. It's a tiny 5MP camera with a huge 2.5 inch LCD and optical image stabilization. It shares the problem that all small cameras have: the flash is too bright, but it's very portable and takes nice pictures (I took all these with it except for the Kelly glamor shot which was shot with a Kodak EasyShare LS camera). I still prefer my D70 when quality is an issue, but sometimes just getting the shot is more important. Here are some of my pix are for your amusement and edification.

A rainy morning just before the show startsIt was a cold and rainy morning. Several hundred people queue up outside the studio each morning before the show. The Live audience is always great, despite the wait.

Brian - the show's director.This is Brian, the show's director, hamming it up for the camera. I don't believe he actually uses that microphone at any time in the performance of his duties.

Michael Gelman briefs Kelly while she gets done up.The show's executive producer, Michael Gelman, is briefing Kelly on what's ahead. Kelly does not need all this make up - trust me she looks great the moment she comes in. She always has a Starbucks with her from across the street.

Kelly mugs for my beneiftKelly never seems to mind me taking pictures of her before the show. She's incredibly gracious, very sweet and not the least bit vain. Full of laughs, too, as you can see. She deserves every bit of her success.

Regis's officeI got to peek into Regis's inner sanctum. He's got loads of memorabilia in there. There's a whole wall dedicated to Notre Dame football. Regis is also very patient with my gadgeteering. The cover of his first album is above him on the wall. I know, because I had to buy both his albums at the iTunes Music Store for my segment.

This way to the Green RoomThe Green Room awaits sir. Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings was in there waiting to go on but I didn't take any pictures. (Acutally I did, but his publicist freaked out a little so I deleted it.) Live has one of the nicest Green Rooms I've seen - with a nice breakfast nosh for waiting guests. I didn't have time to eat anything this time.

View from the hosts chair.The view of the audience from the host position. You can tell they're wondering who the heck I am. Notice the clock: it's 10 minutes to show time. Things really don't start jumping until 8:55a.

Michael Gelman warms up the audience.Michael warms up the audience five minutes before air. He says exactly the same thing each time, but why not. It always works. Audiences are always so excited to be there. I'd guess that nearly all of them are from out of town.

Kelly running on stage9:00a sharp. Kelly is walking on stage right behind Regis. I ran over to get this shot and just missed it. They wait back stage during Gelman's warm-up and it's quite sweet to watch them. They clearly like each other a lot.

Kelly vamps for the camera.Kelly was wearing J-Lo's boots and she just had to show them off. OK is she not one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen? This is after three kids!

After the taping I left NYC by the new Acela train to visit my mom and sister in Providence. The Acela is a "bullet train" but the condition of the tracks is so poor it can't go all that fast. We were able to zip along once past New Haven. The entire trip takes two hours 45 minutes, about an hour less than the local.

Beechcraft? It's a closet!After a brief but very pleasant visit in Providence I flew to Toronto today. On a 20 seat Beechcraft. Fortunately the weather was perfect for flying so it wasn't too bumpy, but I really don't like being able to watch the pilot wrestle with the controls while we're landing. Next time I'm taking the train.

I'll be doing my radio show from CFRB here, and a book signing at the Indigo store on Queensway in Etobicoke. The signing is from 11a-2p. Andy and Amber will be joining me - I hope you can, too!