New pictures posted

I've been cleaning up my office - a yearly ritual - to get ready to work on the new books, and in the process found some old images I'd been planning to post for some time. They're tucked away in the Old Pix page. This is from our trip to Austin a couple of years ago. After the show we visited the County Line Barbecue where they treated us all to an amazing spread. Here are our former line producer, Russ Pitts, Patrick, Martin, and me dining. Things really are bigger in Texas!

Eatin ribs

I've posted some other pictures, including my old 3rd class radio license. Even DJs used to have to have these. I remember taking the train to the FCC offices in New York to get mine in 1976.

3rd ticket

The rest of the images are on the Old Pix page. Click on the thumbnails for full sized images. When I get a chance I'll reorganize the navigation so it's easier to get to.