Monday's Meander

All the news that's fit to rant aboutTiptoeing through today's timely tulips... Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, was born on this day in 1765. Coaxial cable was patented in 1931. Jim Morrison would have been 60. John died 23 years ago today. Imagine.

  1. Microsoft is retiring Windows 98 December 15, claiming it necessary for compliance with a 2001 court order in the dispute with Sun over Java. Other Java enabled products that will be pulled from the shelves include SQL Server 7, Office XP Developer, and a number of Office 2000-related tools and patches.
  2. Yahoo is proposing a new, open, mail authentication system that would virtually eliminate anonymous spam if the big emailers adopted it. This is the system our entire panel supported on Friday's Spam Attack Open Mike. Bravo Yahoo!
  3. IBM wins one. In a preliminary hearing in the SCO vs. IBM case, a Utah judge has approved two motions from IBM asking for more information. SCO now has 30 days to explain exactly how IBM and Linux have infringed on SCO's copyrights.
  4. Kazaa is using the DMCA to try to shutdown the illicit Kazaa Lite K++. Sharman Networks, creators of the real Kazaa, is apparently contacting ISPs of servers that host K++ for download, threatening them with prosecution under the DCMA. Of course, you could probably find the program on P2P networks like, say, Kazaa.
  5. IBM will present a paper today claiming that they've found a way to use "molecular self-assembly" to build semiconductors. Interesting. That's how I put on my hairpiece every morning.
  6. Google is asking a US court to rule on whether keyword ads are a trademark violation. American Blind and Wallpaper has threatened the Internet search engine with a lawsuit because it popped up competitors' ads when users searched for American Blind.
  7. Yahoo has patched the flaw in Messenger we told you about last week. Download the new version from