Monday Morning News

All the news that's fit to rant aboutKind of a light news day (as usual for Monday) but, thanks to Compaq, at least we know now what the any key is. Computex Taipei starts today. It's Bilbo Baggins birthday (he'd be 713). Aunt Debbie is 47. David Coverdale is 54. Top stories for today...

  • Bye-bye ATX. Intel announces new BTX case specification. It's smaller, cooler, and quieter and should start appearing in '04 in pico, micro, and regular flavors. PCI Express x16 slot will replace AGP. Power connectors are the same (phew!) but the motherboard is a mirror image of ATX. Anand has a very thorough review.

  • ICANN asks Verisign to yank SiteFinder, the service that redirects incorrect .COM and .NET web addresses to the Verisign web site.
  • Symantec COO calls for law making it a criminal offense to share information and tools online which could be used by malicious hackers and virus writers. Such a law would make it very difficult for security firms to publicly reveal flaws.
  • Luddite boss bans email for his 2500 employees. CEO of British cell phone retailer Phones 4U says he expects instant increases in productivity.