Monday at Midnight

All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews never sleeps. And neither do I lately.

Mount St. Helens erupted on this day in 1980.

  1. Intel is admitting it has "hit a brick wall" and will radically rethink its chip design strategies. Apparently the latest Pentium IV chips run so hot they're slowing down.

  2. Passengers flying Lufthansa from Munich to LA today were the first to use sky high Wi-Fi. For $30/flight or $10 per half hour passengers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops could surf the net and send email via a satellite connection to the Internet. Five Lufthansa planes have been fitted with the service and all 80 planes should offer Wi-Fi within two years. Other airlines are also considering the service. The FAA has approved its use at cruising altitude only.
  3. Vonage has cut its Voice over IP (VoIP) service by $5 a month. The company is trying to build its customer-base quickly to stave off competition.
  4. Microsoft shills the Alexis de Toqueville Institution are try to spread a little FUD by claiming Linus Torvalds didn't write Linux. Linus admits it - he says he was just covering for Santa and the Tooth Fairy. It's one thing to blame terrorism on Open Source, but this is really going too far.

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