Moanday News

All the news that's fit to rant aboutHappy Columbus Day. Now go back to Europe where you belong. It's Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Telecom World 2003 opens this week in Geneva. The first aerial photo was taken from a balloon on this day in 1860. The ultrasonic burglar alarm is patented in 1953.

And in technology news today...

  1. IBM goes on trial tomorrow for unsafe working conditions in early clean rooms.

  2. Maxtor announces a new technology, perpendicular recording, that doubles the data capacity of hard drive media. Are you ready for terabyte drives?
  3. Sharp debuts 3D laptop display that doesn't require funky glasses.
  4. A weekend poll at InternetWeek shows that nearly two-thirds of respondents are dissatisfied with Widows *. 41% say they're thinking of switching.
  5. Good news, guys. Samba 3 proves 2.5 times faster than Windows 2003 Server in independent tests.
  6. Matrix Revolutions will debut first in IMAX, November 5. Will it be any better if it's bigger? Doesn't matter. We'll be there.
  7. Mission: SPACE, EPCOT's new $100 million space ride, developed in partnership with HP, is so realistic that it's making riders nauseous. Bring back the inflatable seats!
  8. Monkey brains can control robot arms. Woo hoo. This makes me want to join PETA.

*Errr. Make that Windows -- LL