Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It's especially happy for all the TechLive folks. We all thought we'd be working Monday, but at the last minute Greg decided we weren't ready to do a full nine hours on a non-news day. OK. I can use the time off.

We're still waiting for those offers on our house. There are three couples who have looked at the house multiple times now. They all seem very interested. I'm sure we'll get an offer or two this weekend. We were able to get a time extension from the people selling us the house in the country, but if we don't get an offer by this time next week the deal is dead. Jennifer is extremely anxious about the whole thing. I'm happy either way. I love our current house, but the idea of having a couple of acres in the country is very appealing, too.

Henry and Abby have soccer games tomorrow, then I promised I'd take them to see Shrek. I want to see it, too!

File of the week: I know I always say screen savers are a bad idea, but here's one I can't resist. Everyone who sees it on my computer at works flips out. It's the best looking aquarium screen saver I've seen. Download a copy of Jim Sachs SereneScreen 3D Aquarium then watch the cat go crazy. I like it so much I paid the $20 to unlock all seven fish.