Live Nude Authors!

I'm getting ready to write another book. It will be the first in a series I'm doing with Que - for want of a better name, a Laporte Press. The first book in the series will be on the new Panther version of Mac OS X. Megan and I will be working on it for January release. We're also planning some other non-Mac titles. The goal is four books a year. That means serious time slaving over a hot computer. And you know what that means... no, not more TV plugs. It's time to resurrect the author cam! Tursi, the fellow who wrote the program I use to capture my Windows desktop, SCWebcam2, has sent me a pre-release copy of the next version. It includes a script to embed a web cam into the desktop image, making an excellent all-in-one spycam/screencam.

I'm still using the (discontinued) 3COM USB HomeConnect camera for the spycam image but now that I have an LCD monitor (the super crisp Samsung SyncMaster 191T) I can't sit the camera on top of the monitor. So I'm using a handy camera mount called the FlexStand. It's designed specifically for positioning a spycam at eye level. You might notice it above the central monitor on The Screen Savers. Works great.

Once I really get writing I'll create a cams page with several views of the suffering author at work. Hey, anything to sell a book.