Lights... Camera... Diction!

Here I am in the studio. Yes on a Saturday morning. For some reason they need us in today to film (not tape) a promo for TechLive. What a pain in the booty. Occasionally they'll do promos on film when they really want to waste money (and time - working on film seems to take about 10 times longer than tape). Most TV commercials are still done on film. I guess it gives you a more polished look, but I'll never understand why you'd promote a television channel using film. Oh, well. It's not my money. This one must be costing a bundle, too, because there's no script. They're just shooting us doing random bits and pieces as if we're on the air. Then they'll spend weeks editing it into something coherent. They had a guy with a SteadiCam in yesterday during TechLive getting stuff.

I got here at 7:30a, but they're still taping Chris Pirillo answering fake calls for help. I shoulda brought a book. Take four. It's going to be a long day.