Let It Snow

Finally, a few personal pictures from our trip to New York. We all posed for this hoping it might make a good Christmas card, and it would except for the fact that I look like The Joker.

The Laportes celebrate Christmas in New York

We just barely made it out of JFK on Thursday. The blizzard was hitting hard and our plane was covered with snow. Jennifer was petrified. But we left on time and got home safe and sound, very glad for the warm California climate.

We're going to fly in THAT?

Here's a short video of the cab ride to the airport. The cabbie was an expert in sub-Saharan African music and played us some wonderful stuff. You can hear some in the background.

Click to view the Quicktime 6 video (19 seconds)

He recommended Africando (Senegal), Franco (the Jimi Hendrix of the Congo), Sekuba Bambino (Mali), Salif Keita (Mali) and the album "Talking Timbuktu" by Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder.