Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-06-09

  • @chrispirillo For digital cables, yes, but for analog connections high quality cables do make a difference. #
  • How will you follow the WWDC keynote tomorrow? Twitter? The Web? I'm thinking an aggregator like Friend Feed will be the richest source. #
  • @ScottBourne Can you pick me up one of whatever it is you're buying? kthxbai #
  • What's the best IRC chat to follow for the SteveNote? #
  • Retweeting @arnoldkim:irc.macrumorslive.com channel #macrumors - same content as macrumorslive.com but a little faster, and with photo links #
  • Frederique tells me we broke 10,000 viewers on TWiT Live today. Thank you Steve. #