Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-04-19

  • Also trying to choose between Wirecast by Vara Software and a full blown Tricaster Studio. One's $300, the other is $10,000. Hmmm. #
  • I keep forgetting to post Windows Weekly on Friday. It's up now. Sorry for the delay. Jumping Monkeys will be out later this afternoon. #
  • I'll be streaming The Tech Guy in the usual fashion this weekend - no T1. I should be in the new studio next weekend though. #
  • To me there is no difference between mauve and purple; to my wife all remotes look alike. So which one of us is lacking? #
  • @rogermcguinn is going to be on TWiT tomorrow along with @veronica, @therealdvorak, and Thurrot. I promise not to sing "Mr Tambourine Man." #
  • To avoid spamming those who don't want spam I've created a @TWiTLive Twitter account. I'll use it to announce live events and take questions #
  • Happy birthday, TWiT. TWiT #1 was published April 19, 2005. http://twit.tv/1 #
  • @stevegillmor I think this will be the last TWiT _without_ a simulcast. Next week I'm hoping to do a live video 3rd Anniversary TWiT. #