Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24

  • I think we convinced Dvorak to get a Twitter account on the last episode of TWiT. Don't worry we don't even mention the T-word until the end #
  • @garyvee Dood. I _live_ in wine country. When you going to dump those overhyped Napa labels for some real Sonoma county wine? #
  • @mrsflinger Work on Easter? Only eight hours. But then I don't really "work" for a living. #
  • Quotably just launched. Interesting way to follow Twitter conversations. http://quotably.com #
  • I'd like to apologize to Blogger Bob of the TSA for today's TWiT. It was all in good fun and please let me go to Australia Sunday. Thank you #
  • The AAC feed of TWiT 137 was pointing to last week's show. I've fixed it but it may take iTunes a bit to notice. Apologies. #
  • That's cool - flickr will produce stats for your (Pro) account if you ask. http://www.flickr.com/photos/me/stats #
  • I need to get hiking boots for a walkabout in Tasmania. Any recommendations from you outdoorsy types. Oh. Maybe this is not the place to ask #
  • @Veronica Sentence structure overrated is. With your instincts go - understand people will. And you can probably levitate stuff, too. #