Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-03-04

  • Just got this press release: CRADLE OF ROME: GIVE FREE RAIN TO YOUR INNER EMPEROR. Wonder if it's a weather sim? #
  • @mrjennings I know Orson Scott Card's personal views are anathema, but if we avoided authors we disagreed with, what would we read? #
  • @chrisbrogan And Steve's asking me to appear on the Gang. Would you prefer not to have us do that? Is it better to keep the shows separate? #
  • @cafeninja @mkapor used some Twitter tool that scanned for his name, I think. Is there a complete list of Twitter tools somewhere? #
  • @wmandra Thanks. TWiT 134 is being greeted with equal amounts of love and hate. I like to defy expectations from time to time. #
  • @msauers Card is a homophobe (and a neanderthal reactionary, too) but libraries should not ban books based on the author's beliefs. Period. #
  • @whitepony02027 Recording MacBreak Weekly right now with Scott, Merlin, Andy, and Alex. We'll push it out soon. Sorry for the hiatus! #
  • @jayhmt I completely agree - two's too few, five's too many on a roundtable show. I sometimes get overbooked but not intentionally. #
  • A beautiful spring day in Petaluma - time to put up the spring decorations on http://leoville.com #