Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-02-27

  • We're running so late I'm going to miss the debate. I might even have to blow off MacBreak Weekly. drat. #
  • @Miss604 tweeted that she was in the green room. I had no idea! Went back to meet her. Twitter. Bringing people together since 2007. #
  • Twitter is telling me to "talk to the hand." I give up. Let me know when you're ready to listen to me again. -snif- #
  • If FriendFeed had a cool flash badge with my feed I'd probably replace Jaiku with it on the Leoville.com home page. Hint, hint. #
  • Twitter is deeply and profoundly broken - I haven't been able to add followers for two days and no one hears me - but I can't stop. Telling. #
  • @om Way to go! #