Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • "If you're not in a hurry to travel to Vancouver we'd like to offer you a ticket to leave tomorrow morning at 7." #
  • I used my Clear pass to go through airport security. All they did is assign me a "concierge" who bulldozed her way to the front of the line. #
  • It seems kind of undemocratic. But very capitalistic. Are these compatible feelings? #
  • Which Xbox360 Wi-Fi adapter do you guys recommend? I need it to do WPA. #
  • Hoo boy. Things are going a little slowly on the Lab set today. We just finished our first show. At this rate lunch will be at 4pm. #
  • @starsolutions We record MBW on Monday on Lab tape weeks (like this one) I called it off yesterday to wait for Apple. We'll record tonight. #
  • Twitter appears to be hopelessly broken. I have "65,535" followers none of whom can hear me. Another case where less is more. Name change! #
  • @mollywood And you are WONDERFUL! Peeps! I think you should just finish @140novel yourself. It's your turn @acedetect. #
  • iPhone 1.1.4 just shipped. Now I'm really glad we didn't record MacBreak Weekly yesterday. #