Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-02-20

  • I love my small town. Johnny Winters is coming this month; Blue Öyster Cult next month. Apparently we're still stuck in the 70s. #
  • HRC just said "This election isn't about me - it's about you." I swear I heard Obama say exactly the same thing in Madison. #
  • @danielpunkass We are watching history being made. I'm making sure my kids watch this. #
  • Obama seems to be turning his attention to the general election. Hope it's not pre-mature. But you have to feel for Clinton. Obama happens. #
  • Erica Hill seems to have become Anderson Cooper's co-host. You go girl. Between her and Soledad O'Brien former ZDTVers own CNN! #
  • I'm going to get to play in The Jonathan Coulton "Rock Band" on Friday at the Great American Music Hall in SF! #
  • @acedtect lightweight #