Leo's Twitter Updates for 2008-01-23

  • Ordered a new Macbook - not an Air - with a 250GB drive. Apple wants $850 for 4GB RAM. OWC is charging $100. C'mon Apple - that's gouging. #
  • When one doesn't have a real job getting out of bed in the morning is a little bit tougher. Unfortunately, J has no trouble tossing me out. #
  • @jsnell, @ihnatko, @hotdogsladies - ok ok you have convinced me. I have Word, Nisus, Pages, Mellel, Mariner, and Bean but I'll try Scrivener #
  • @pinctone - Other World Computing at http://macsales.com - it's where I buy most of my Mac stuff, including RAM. #
  • @ChrisJMiller - actually $3100 for a MacBook Air with a solid state drive is a deal since Samsung is selling the 64GB drive alone for $2500. #