Leo's Twitter Updates for 2007-11-28

  • I'm afraid I lack the patience for Seesmic. #
  • Why do I always get the urge to take my shirt off when I'm on the webcam? #
  • @loiclemeur - no one can help me with my lack of patience! ;-) I'd love to get you on net@nite to talk about seesmic. #
  • Using Skype like a satellite link for The Lab. It actually works pretty well. Except we forgot to send Cali my audio. #
  • I've done my first, and last, lolcat. I am so ashamed. #
  • @fraying - next, on a very special Punky Brewster... Punky becomes a woman. #
  • My shame. http://leoville.com/blog/2007/11/28/1175/ #